Monday, April 23, 2012

Mark Wahlberg Workout

Ever since he was young Mark Wahlberg has been in great shape. The reason he is still in great shape is the workouts he does regularly. Wahlberg started lifting weights at a young age to stay out of trouble. His career has gone from being a rapper, to Calvin Klein model, to becoming a movie actor. He has starred in movies like The Fighter, The Departed, to his recent movie Pain and Gain. Now almost 40 years old Wahlberg looks to be in the best shape of his life because of his dedication to fitness.

Mark Wahlberg Workout 
Mark Wahlbergs workout routine has given him a lean muscle physique. The Mark Wahlberg workout starts with boxing warm-ups. He started the boxing workout routine to train for the movie, The Fighter. This routine works on his conditioning. He rarely does ab exercises or cardio. His weight lifting workout routine consists of high intensity exercises. His workouts typically last 30 minutes a day.

This is what his usual workout routine looks like.

Monday: Biceps, legs and back
Tuesday: Triceps, chest, shoulders

Wednesday: Biceps, legs

Thursday: Off

Friday: Off

Saturday: Biceps, legs and back

Sunday: Triceps, chest, shoulders

                                   Wahlberg training for the movie The Fighter